Notting Hill Carnival 2023


UCOM in collaboration with Shades Worldwide and One Paradise.​​



Pre registration entitles you to early access, ahead of the main launch, to select your section and costume of choice. Early access will be made available on 13th and 14th November 2022. Costume pictures will be released at this time.

Your £100.00 payment will go towards your selected costume balance once you have completed your deposit payment.

Pre-Registration will be open to the first 100 masqueraders or until 1st October 2022, whichever comes first.

Once you select ‘Click Here to Register’ you will be taken to the Playmas website, where you will need to register if you have not already got an account.

Fees and Refunds: 

  • Your pre-registration payment will form part of your deposit. The full deposit is payable once you have selected your costume through the website.

  • Your pre-registration payment becomes non-refundable once your costume has been selected and full deposit payment has been processed.

  • If a pre-registration fee is refunded it will be less the Play Mas administration fee and Stripe processing fee.